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Rosie is the granddaughter of playwright, Ernst Bach, one half of the duo Arnold & Bach "the collective Neil Simon of their time". In 1976, a British film was made based on Die spanische Fliege known as Spanish Fly (and yes, you’re spot on, not referring to winged insects from the Mediterranean here) in which starred some of our best-loved British actors, and personal favourites of mine, including the gorgeously gorgeous Leslie Phillips and the lovable gap-toothed Terry-Thomas. However, the only similarity to the play appears to be the title so the fact that Arnold & Bach aren't even credited in the film, although they are credited in IMDb, can be deemed appropriate.

If writers are supposed to be a somewhat peculiar bunch then she qualifies on that basis alone.

Rosie, a Bach from Berkshire, UK, born and bred and proud of it, ex-PA, window dresser, half a hairdresser, basic psychotherapist for her own sanity, current student, who has been scribbling for longer than she cares to remember, decided the time had come to behave like a grown-up and take up writing full-time. She has this bizarre need to entertain. Only a fanatic (or idiot) can see the funny side on being admitted to hospital. Pen and notebook in one arm and a drip in the other.

Rosie claims to be an aficionado when it comes to the controversial illness/disability/condition known as ME or CFS. It's been her closest companion since 1989.

But pity her not, personally she's delighted she's competent in something.

Rosie has an award. No, not purchased from eBay, but voted fortuitously for her by the readers of a fan-based retro gaming magazine for which she wrote humorous articles and reviews. The prize was a reluctant write-up by its editor who determined someone else should have won the accolade.

Happily he was alone in his conviction.

Rosie, who scribbles for children and adults, also writes under her maiden name Rosemary Bach, her male alter ego, Marc Bach, and her mystery crime writer's pseudonym, Wolf Black.

Should you feel in the need of a chat, admittedly a one-sided one, or care to share some ME/CFS ramblings then you've surfed through to the right place. Stash your board. Put your feet up. And enjoy yourself.




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Who is he?


Ernst Bach was author, actor, playwright, producer and director. He was most famous for putting pen to paper with his partner and friend, Franz Arnold, and for entertaining audiences with classics such as the romantic/comedy (Die spanische Fliege) 'Spanish Fly' still being played in theatres today in 2013, one hundred years after its debut. In 1976, 'Spanish Fly' was made into a film starring the well-loved British actors Leslie Phillips and Terry-Thomas.


Bach was also a husband, father and grandfather. My grandfather. Bach was an enigmatic and successful man. Arnold & Bach were elite.


For further reference, Ernst Bach can be located on German Wikipedia, the UK and German Yahoo, The Internet Movie Database (IMDb), MTV, MSN Movies and other European sites. Born in Cheb, southern Germany (since reclaimed as Czech Republic) on 10 May 1876, Bach died in Munich, southern Germany on 1 November 1929. He is my idol. Absolute.




     Franz Arnold and Ernst Bach 


                                      Ernst Bach in evening dress circa 1903


Ernst Bach, his mother, Henriette and sisters, 
Emma and Adela, circa 1903



Daddy's godmother, Princess Cecilie, Crown Princess of Prussia and Germany, of whom he was named after, Rolf Cecil Bach

          Grandmother Bach, and Daddy, intelligent child and looking very sweet in his lederhosen, Bavaria, Germany, 1910



Daddy's family home and main residence on Lake
Starnberg, near Munich, Germany



   Mum, looking young, slim and pretty, standing on the jetty of Dad's family home and main residence on Lake Starnberg, Bavaria, Germany. Circa 1950s. Michael, half-brother, is in the background bobbing about in the water




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Making Changes, an anthology by Bridge House Publishing 2008

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- Editor and sole writer for a newsletter for blind and visually impaired people (a charity in Cornwall) 2003-2004


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