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Not Little Weed, I'm dressed as a daffodil, 
Berkshire, UK, costume made by Mum from crepe paper
and appropriate too coming from a long line of Jones'



Parents, Richard, one of my brothers, we're at a wedding. Really? Indeed, we dressed like this every day





On holiday in Bournemouth, UK, and I don't look much different today (apart from the obvious) same grim determined expression and same home cut short hair



On a family holiday, Pontins, Jersey, didn't like the wind which explains the arms growing out of my ears and that hair, still so spookily reminiscent of nowadays


 School photo, aged 8, New Zealand




 Home from work at the U.S. Army as Lead Supply Clerk Supervisor,
mini skirt off, coffee, cigarette, magazine on and relaxing. 
Bremerhaven, Germany - good old Polaroids!



And ditto, creature of habit, at home from work in the flat, percolator spluttering and coughing, cats vocalising, "never mind your coffee where's our chunky chicken cuts in gravy"




At home in Lintig, Germany, in a converted cow shed that caught fire the following year





And here's the cow shed prior the fire, along with troublesome TR7 parked in front. A car that ensured all your journeys would never be completed



Bremerhaven, in the group, Challenger. Small gig in a downtown guest house, songwriter, not too shabby, vocals, slight aberration on my part and theirs too for letting me sing. Dieter G, far left on bass, still in a band 30+ years later



Likes and Loves...


All animals specifically bears, cats, cheetahs, dogs, elephants, fairy spiders... yes, granted, officially they are not an animal let's not get picky here! Grey nurse sharks, ladybirds, orang-utans, swans and whale sharks. British comedy (films and sitcoms) and music, Impressionism art, Japan and its people, Latin American dancing, the rain, the sea, Spanish guitar, learning more about and evoking an open-mind, understanding and respect towards indigenous peoples, reading, Thunderbirds, writing and feeling reasonably well.


Doesn't rate too highly...


Oh, forget it! Compare her to that irascible and her most favourite pensioner of all time, Victor Meldrew of One Foot in the Grave, and he sounds like a trainee.


and just plain weird...


Whilst writing... writing? This comprises of sitting in front of a blank screen while the most constructive thing she can do is to pick loose hairs from her jumper like a monkey plucking away at the plethora of ticks that reside in its fur. I know she likes orang-utans but this is going too far. Really!



Circa mid-late 90s. At home, Theale, Berkshire, going for the mottled effect here, hides the long grass due to tardiness of gardener, absolutely, my ex's idea of doing the gardening





Circa 2001. View from the back window of the lounge at home in Carnyorth, Cornwall. Horses, fields, sea. All there, I promise, simply misted over




Carnyorth, as above. Swapped horses for cats. Far easier to manage in the house. Regular poop scoop not a shovel, less food, but in Ninja's case not by much


Here's the view from the lounge on a clearer day. Sea, said it was there. Beautiful Atlantic


Circa 2004, pretty little furry fleur, dans le jardin en Luzy, France



  November 2011, hairy thing looking awkward is me, cat belongs to ex and she is Tina, a rescue cat from Spain, a little crazy, a lot intelligent and chronically ill, nice that we have a couple of things in common, not speculating on which





 Germany, Near Koblenz October 2014



Me, August 2015, Wales


Me at Aberystwyth. August 2015.


 Me at home with Tina Toccata. Autumn 2015.


Tina Toccata. May 2015.


Tina and me May 2017… yes, am wearing sunglasses, well!! so is Tina and if it’s good enough for her… just came in from outside okay?! so shoot me.

                   Links worthy of a mention...

Able - a disability lifestyle magazine


Action for Greyhounds



Action for M.E. - a charity to support people with myalgic encephalomyelitis or ME


Age Concern 


American Indians - supporting the work of Native Americans


Animal Aid


BUAV - British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection - campaigning to end animal experiments


Canine Partners - opening doors to independence


Cats Protection


CheerReader - musings to make you smile


Dr Hadwen Trust - replacing animals in medical research


Go Cruelty Free


OCD - Independent charity working with and for people with obsessive compulsive disorder


Ouch! A BBC website reflecting the lives and experiences of disabled people


Shark and Coral Conservation


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